Melia (meliadawn) wrote in dfw_crafters,

Cuthulhu Ink Drawing!

Cuthulhu Art Nuveau ink drawing
I know, after all the cuteness, this is a bit different. But I couldn't help it. The males in the household were having a marathon of Calls 4 Cuthulhu episodes and it all just kinda got stuck in my head. I actually did this shortly before my computer crashed. I was going through some things when I came accross this and realized that I had not shared this particular obsession that James has infected my darling baby boy with. But in honor of the boys in the home we have Cuthulhu.

Okay, and yes, I admit it, I like the the show too. Makes me actually considering reading the books once the Topamax stops messing with my brain enough to let me read a good book again.
And of course you can find some fun gift items reaturing this drawing on cafepress. 

BTW I will be at the City Arts Festival the weekend of June 13th over in the Dallas Arts District.  The DMA and the Nasher will be open all weekend for free for the event.
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